Caelus Lite is an ideal solution for optimal space allocation in your operating room. Its reduced footprint combined with the integrated working surface results in a remarkably compact anaesthesia ventilator. At the same time its cutting-edge technology makes for a modular platform, which can be upgraded to support the most demanding anaesthetic procedures.

The innovative PureTouch® user interface and the 18.5” touchscreen expedite the workflow through an unprecedented user-friendliness. Advanced ventilation modes such as PRVC or VVV are available in an optional software package, as well as gas analysis and monitoring the depth of anaesthesia (qCON – qNOX module).
Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia ventilators. The Bag-in-Bottle ventilator can handle a wide range of patient categories: neonates (approx. 1 kg), infants and adults (incl. bariatric patients).

Caelus is designed with the focus on patient safety, reliability and cost efficiency. It comprises some unique safety systems (e.g. VoluProtect® and BaroProtect®), it’s a durable piece of equipment (high-grade materials) and reduces the cost of ownership to a strict minimum (e.g. free software updates).

The ergonomically designed trolley with plenty of working space and storage room enhances your comfort, while an 18.5” capacitive touchscreen shows all crucial information at a single glance.