Our Wheat Analysis Devices include
BASTAK Sampling Probe 10000
Powerful vacuum engine stores cereals in 2-6 seconds into the sample container based in the laboratory
Flexible move up and down right and left using a hydraulic system
BASTAK Sampling Probe 10500
Transfers grains from the mass storages into device’s container Samples can be taken from 8-9 meter depth by vacuum
BASTAK Bonner Divider 13000
Mix sample thoroughly by passing through 38 separate sections then the sample is divided into two parts.
BASTAK Sample Cleaner
Thanks to the replaceable cylindrical sieve inside the device, the sample is sifted and classified. It accumulates in its scaled compartments. Operations can be controlled thanks to the LCD touch screen, sieve rotation speed, feeding cover opening, blowing speed, working time can be adjusted and language selection can be made.
Wheat, barley, corn, rye, oats etc. In products, light foreign materials such as broken grains, dust, feathers, good grains and large foreign materials are easily separated and classified.
BASTAK NIR Flour and Grain Analyzer 9000
Very fast method comparing to traditional method.
It is easy-to-use.
No need for experienced staff. No chemicals needed.
BASTAK Hectoliter Meter 7000
Bastak brand, 7000 model. It is used to measure the density of grains. Device; It is used to measure hectoliters in wheat, rice, corn, lentils and similar grains. The purpose of the hectoliter test in wheat is to predict the flour yield. When the hectoliter of wheat increases, the flour yield also increases. Hectoliter value: it varies according to the shape, density, size and uniformity of the grain.